Episode 18 - Experiencing Functional Analytic Psychotherapy

Currently, the most talked about psychotherapies are known as third wave or third generation behavior therapies. Many of these therapies are evidence-based, with randomized trials to support their efficacy. Research findings aside, some believe that behavior-based therapies can be overly mechanistic and dehumanizing. Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) challenges this perception: FAP treatment helps client and clinician develop a connection that serves as a model for the client to re-create closeness in relationships outside of session. Tune in to The Mary Waldon Show to learn more about FAP directly from Dr. Mavis Tsai, co-developer of this treatment. Dr. Tsai leads an experiential hour you do not want to miss!

Mavis Tsai, PhD is the co-developer of Functional Analytic Psychotherapy. She is also a psychologist in independent practice in Seattle and Director of the FAP Specialty Clinic at the University of Washington, where she teaches and conducts research. She is the author of countless articles and several books, including her most recent "Functional Analytic Psychotherapy: Distinctive Features - The CBT Distinctive Features Series," which she co-authored with Robert Kohlenberg, Jonathan Kanter, Gareth Holman, and Mary Plummer Loudon.

Originally aired on March 12, 2013 on VoiceAmerica Radio.