Inspiring Women Series Episode 7 - Qiana Martin

A man's game in a man's world? No room on the field for a girl then and a woman now? Don't let Qiana Martin hear you say that! While she will hear you out in the most kind and gentle way, her story does not support a no-can-do attitude!

Despite having limited exposure to the sport of soccer growing up, Qiana decided to pursue her dream of becoming an international soccer player.  Qiana's journey has transported her from pick-up soccer games with African, Caribbean and Latin American guys in a Los Angeles park to playing with international clubs - and creating excitement for this “global language” with both inner-city communities and changemakers alike.

"I hope that one of the takeaways from my story will be that when you embark on a goal, you are not simply signing up to realize a particular achievement.  You are in fact starting on a journey of personal transformation, and that ultimately can be the greatest accomplishment of all."

- Qiana Martin

Qiana has made a career out of playing soccer AND bringing people together! 
She is goal-driven and so very willing to share what she has learned!

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