Inspiring Women Series Episode 2 - Jade Simmons

"As an African-American, female classical pianist, I understand what it's like to carve out a niche for oneself in a space that may not be used to having you around! As an advocate for youth suicide prevention, my underlying aim is always to encourage youth to discover their passions in hopes of finding one more thing to tie us to this life with purpose. In this hyper-sexualized culture, I'd also like to empower young women to embrace their femininity by way of their strength, not just their sexuality. 'Muscles & tenacity rock' is one of the mottos for a  new social media campaign I'll launch soon called #StrongIsTheNewSexy"
- Jade Simmons

There is no doubt that Jade Simmons is an Inspiring Woman! Please have a listen, and hear for yourself how this one woman has set out to leave her mark on the world of music!