Episode 9 - How about a Life Coach for Teens!x

Does your teen daughter need just a little extra support? Not a major intervention, but instead an uplifting positive boost? How about a life coach for teens! Listen to this episode of The Mary Waldon Show to explore how a life coach can help your teen set goals, accept themselves, and just feel better. We will explore topics including bullying, healthy exercise, and developing motivation with guest Kyra Batté.

Kyra is a teen life coach in the Los Angeles area. She works directly with teens on self-confidence and quieting critical thoughts, managing uncertainty and fear of failure, gaining resilience, and finding balance in life. Kyra is also a public speaker and educator reaching hundreds of parents, children, school counselors, teachers and superintendents. Kyra has developed an outreach program called Changing Minds for teens dedicated to getting their life on track.

Originally aired on December 18, 2012 on VoiceAmerica Radio.