Episode 2 - Self Harm: Understanding and Treatment

All across North America, there has been a dramatic increase in self harming behaviors among teens and school age children. Nancy Heath, PhD has led extensive, impactful research on these behaviors. She joins me for an in-depth discussion of both her research findings and her recommendations for effective treatment. Listen to this episode of the show to gain an understanding of self harming behaviors as well an understanding of what can be done to change this method of coping.

Dr. Nancy Heath is James McGill Professor in the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology at McGill University, in the School/Applied Child Psychology and Human Development programs. Her research program explores resilience and adaptive functioning in youth at-risk. She is a founding member and past president of the International Society for the Study of Self-Injury (ISSS), an elected fellow in the International Academy for Research in Learning Disabilities (IARLD) and the recipient of the Canadian Committee of Graduate Students in Education’s 2011 Mentorship Award in recognition of her outstanding support for graduate students in education.

Originally aired on October 30, 2012 on VoiceAmerica Radio.