Episode 10 - Consciousness, Creativity, and Identity - An Innovative Approach to Effective Education and Empowering Students

There is certainly no lack of critique of the American education system. Inequity of opportunity, bloated bureaucracies, debates regarding outcome measures... the list goes on. Today, we explore an example of what IS working in education. Tune in and find out how sociologist Molly Beauregard is strengthening her students' sense of self and mental well-being. "Consciousness, Creativity and Identity" is the title of her course at The College for Creative Studies in Detroit - the course takes an innovative, student-centered approach that integrates meditation into the core curriculum.

Molly Beauregard is a sociologist with a background in psychology and public policy. She is an adjunct professor at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Ms. Beauregard has a BA in psychology from the University of Michigan, a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Masters in sociology from Loyola University in Chicago. Ms. Beauregard is a life-long meditator and is working to bring her ground-breaking course to other universities nationwide. Check out her blog at www.tuningthestudentmind.com.

Originally aired on January 08, 2013  on VoiceAmerica Radio.