Episode 1 - Mother-Daughter Relationships: How to Cultivate the Most Important Relationship of Your Daughter's Life (Part I)

In the inaugural broadcast of The Mary Waldon Show, Mary sits down with Susan Shapiro Barash, author of Toxic Friends, You're Grounded Forever... But First Let's Go Shopping, and The Nine Phases of Marriage out now on St. Martin's Press. Mary and Susan will be exploring the challenges of the mother-daughter relationship today: are moms still moms, or are they daughter's best friend? How can moms maintain parental authority while respecting their daughters' freedoms and decisions? This is the show for anyone who has experienced mother-daughter rivalry, wondered whether mother-daughter problems are really solved by buying a new iPad or a Louis Vuitton bag, or needed a homegrown solution to the “cool mom” trap. 

Originally aired on October 23, 2012 on VoiceAmerica Radio.